Saturday, October 29, 2005

Little Statements

Though our parents tried their best, childhood is full of mixed messages. For example:

364 days/year: "Don't you EVER talk to strangers or you'll be kidnapped by the evil clown in the black van and when we find you in a ditch we're gonna give you the whippin' of a lifetime!"

Halloween: "It's ok to go up to that decrepit house at night and take candy from the one-eyed weirdo who owns the rabid pit bulls and smokes crack while he's out on bail."

No wonder we grow up all screwed up. And then we screw up our own kids. It's the circle of life. And there is no better time for screwing up your kids than at Halloween! The following examples are all true:

#1. My parents were super strict and big on the whole "no dating until you're married" rule - but then why was I dressed as a prostitute for my grade 4 Catholic school Halloween party? (OMG, I am totally not kidding here!)

#2. I was raised to respect all creatures great and small, and was dressed as a hunter (complete with camoflage and a "rifle") one year.

#3. Lastly, as a nod to our First Nations people, I was dressed one year as a native indian with an ARROW through my head.

I wonder if my parents were making their own little statement when they dressed me up. Was I their little "inside joke"? Well this year, my kids are all politically correct in their costumes, unless any sensitive dragons, vampires or little witches are out there.

But now that I think of it, their costumes are kinda metaphorical...

Happy Halloween Everybody!


At 3:22 PM , Blogger Kimberly said...

your kids are ALWAYS so cute on Hallowe'en! I hope you guys have fun!!!

Kim :)

Ps: I was always the ghost...not cause my parents had no imagination...but just because I liked being the ghost!...And don't worry, I was designer in my sheets with matching pillow case for all my loot!!!


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