Monday, November 06, 2006

Unreasonable Fantasies...

Ok, so a lot of women fantasize about running away with their favourite hot celebrity. I am unusual in the fact that my fantasies involve TURNING DOWN my sexy, rich dream celebrity-man (the celebrities are interchangeable). For example:

Alan Rickman/Josh Groban/Ewan MacGregor: Oh, Franny, I cannot LIVE without you any more! Let me take you to my villa in southern Italy where we can live out our days in each other's passionate embrace!

Me: No...please...I can't do this...

AR/JG/EM: Do not fear my fame and riches! I would gladly give it all up just to be with you - you are the most precious woman in the world! You alone are my destiny! You alone understand me and can make me whole again!

Me: *melodramatic pose* Oh Alan/Josh/Ewan! I cannot! I have committed myself to my children and to my husband forever! I am so sorry, but I...I simply...cannot!

AR/JG/EM: No! I will be forever lost without you! *sobbing on knees* How can you condemn me to a lifetime of emptiness without you?! You, the guardian of my SOUL!?

Me: I am so sorry A/J/E! I didn't mean for you to fall desperately in love with me! Please, you must destiny lies elsewhere. You must find a way to carry on without me!

AR/JG/EM: I will try to find a way, but know that every day my heart will cry out for you! Though we may be apart, I swear I will honour you in my deeds and actions for eternity!

Yah, okay...look, I gotta go...the kids need dinner...

AR/JG/EM: Goodbye my beloved...goodbye!

*I speed off in my minivan and he chases it for a couple blocks screaming my name until he collapses, sobbing in the road*

Then, every time I see my hottie on TV or making records or movies, I will always know that secretly, his heart cries out for the one woman he could never have...ME.
Every interview where they ask him about his love life, I will see the unfulfilled sadness in his eyes as he talks about the only woman he ever loved... and I'll always know that all the supermodels/actresses he married since then were just fill-ins for me.


Okay, hi everyone...sorry, I kinda left the premises for a minute there...

Anyhow, there's something about knowing that my hotties CANNOT have me that is even more fulfilling than fantasizing about them actually having me! Am I making any sense? I guess this way I don't feel guilty, because technically I have done the "right thing", even though I have torn apart the heart of the millionaire celebrity hottie.

I guess I just don't want a sticky torrid fantasy affair. Being the object of chivalrous agony from afar will do me just fine while I have so much love in my actual life.

I wonder how my hubby would feel if he knew I choose him (and the kids) over these rich, suave, sexy & usually british-accented hotties, even in my daydreams?


At 1:50 PM , Blogger Mildanka said...

I am totally with you on this one Franny!

I think somewhere deep down inside we all want to be admired from afar, held up to some standard of greatness and have our husbands think "wow, I am *so* lucky to have her because look at how amazing she is, how magnetic her personality and beauty are and look at all the other men that she could have chosen, but she picked me!"

At 5:14 PM , Blogger thisisme said...

Oh you heartbreaker. What a lucky hubby you have - chosen even over the fantasy men in the fantasies

At 7:52 PM , Blogger Kimberly said...

I think Cat would think you are a wonderful wife.

I personally don't have fantasies about hottie celebrities. I'm far too grounded in reality. I mean honestly, why in the world would he pick a mousy nobody over the hot actresses at hollywood? (not that I'm saying I would necessarily refuse them if they showed up at my door) I just know that it would never happen.

I would rather fantasize about the true love of my life that might actually be possible.

At 7:53 PM , Blogger Abandoned in Pasadena said...

If your husband even knew he would love & respect you even more than he already does. He's your romantic fantasy, but in real life.

At 1:49 PM , Blogger velvet girl said...

Your hubby would be overjoyed, I'm sure. He's a lucky man.

I've always had an iron-clad no-canoodle policy concerning famous actors and/or musicians... they can have anybody and, well, some women will not let themselves be treated like just anybody.

Like the blog, by the way! I stopped by after you came by mine, so that makes it a lucky day for me! I'll be back.

At 1:05 AM , Anonymous Liara Covert said...

One of the nicest things may be to feel loved and appreciated for who you are. Whether this person is a celebrity or not matters less than how the person's treatment makes you to feel. If a person only dreams of what he or she doesn't have, then that person may be missing what life already offers right here and now.


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