Thursday, November 02, 2006

The Blog We Have All Been Waiting For

Here's the update to Teaser Trailer (below). It's been a depressing, though highly entertaining, week:

Will our favourite blogger survive the most gruelling and vitally important interview of her life?
Who knows? It got postponed...grrr...

Will the Sweeties' bid for the house of their dreams be successful, and if so, will they have taken the first step on the the path towards financial ruin?
No and no. We got outbid by another buyer. I don't know them, but I assume they are mean and unattractive people that smell. Yes, I am immature.

Will Joey find out that his frazzled parents have no idea when the Beaver Scouts Jamboree really is?
No. We faked it, made the necessary panicked phonecalls, and got him there just in time.

Will Franny require medication and years of therapy when her friends point and laugh at her dorky Little Red Riding Hood costume?
No. But I will require medication and years of therapy for getting hit on by an old man and by a couple looking for a "third". (I am NOT kidding, LMFAO!)

Will the haggard parents be able to remove Natalie's Halloween costume in time for her high-school graduation? If they do, will she EVER stop shreiking and crying bloody murder because "I WANT TO BE STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE, ARGHHHHHHH WAHHHHHHHHH GRRRRR!!!!!"?
No. She will wear that costume until it disintegrates. And considering the alternative, I am okay with that.


At 8:55 AM , Blogger Motherkitty said...

I'm glad you're not up for being the "third" link in that particular puzzle. That would be too weird and your hubby might not like it.

Sorry about the dream house. There are other dreams out there. In fact, it's a buyer's market right now so keep looking.

My daughter, alipurr, used to love strawberry shortcake and probably still does. It's a girl thing.

You are still so very funny. That's why I like you so much.

At 1:08 PM , Blogger Kimberly said...

well my dear you're probably right about the people who out bid you...and the house probably had so many hidden things wrong with it, that you and your hubbie are so lucky not to have bought it!!!!

hope things are going well for you today... ;)

At 5:54 PM , Blogger MrsGreenThumb said...

Well, the house wasn't mean to be. Move on to the next dream house. It's really out there. I think it's funny that you were hit on by an old man, how flattering. The couple---ewww. There's all kinds out there. I'm sure the costume is off by now. Tell me I'm right. Kids and their activities are so much fun, those are the activities you will look back on very fondly. Take a step back and enjoy the humor of your situation.

At 10:31 PM , Blogger Abandoned in Pasadena said...

This dream house was not for you...there's a better one waiting for you...You just have to find it.

Ewe...a threesome??? Yipes!!!

Natalie will outgrow her costume or wet it and want it off...won't she??? *LOL*

At 11:24 PM , Blogger thisisme said...

I'm glad I read both posts together - I couldn't have handled the suspense...

I'm with Natalie on the not getting out of the costume, but for me it is about not wanting to take off my favourite sundress - it represents summer to me, and if I take it off, my holiday is over :(

At 1:09 AM , Anonymous Liara Covert said...

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