Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Cyanosis Makes Me Blue

According to the latest personality test, I apparently have a choleric temperament, which sounds a lot like I can give you cholera, but lets not get confused here. I do NOT cause profuse diarrhea, abdominal cramping, cyanosis, fever, nausea and vomiting.

Well usually I don't. And not on purpose.

It's pretty cool...I mean for a 5-question personality test, this one kinda hit the nail on the head for me. Those that know me well will understand. Those that don't will probably fear me from now on. I'd say 90% of this stuff is true about me, (the personality part, not the cholera) except for the part about me having no use for friends. What the heck was that about? And a narcissist? I want so badly to deny it, but it's hard to be modest when you are as incredibly bright & charismatic as I am.

And the whole using my mind as a "weapon" thing...well, I'll let the leagues of war wounded out there have that one.

You Have a Choleric Temperament
You are a person of great enthusiasm - easily excited by many things.Unsatisfied by the ordinary, you are reaching for an epic, extraordinary life.You want the best. The best life. The best love. The best reputation.
You posses a sharp and keen intellect. Your mind is your primary weapon.Strong willed, nothing can keep you down. Your energy can break down any wall.You're an instantly passionate person - and this passion gives you an intoxicating power over others.
At your worst, you are a narcissist. Full of yourself and even proud of your faults.Stubborn and opinionated, you know what you think is right. End of discussion.A bit of a misanthrope, you often see others as weak, ignorant, and inferior.

In conclusion, I am an intelligent, determined, optimistic, resourceful, passionate & influential little bitch.

What Temperment Are You?


At 12:34 AM , Blogger Motherkitty said...

Are you kidding? You got the same profile results as me. We must be blood sisters or something like that. I didn't know there were two of us running around on this planet. That's a scary thought. You must be my doppelganger, nez pas?

BTW, I just may write about my little ferocious mother one of the days. I'm only 5'1" and can stare down the largest man. Mother was only 4'11" and she could tell an armed robber to go get f***ed. (Oops -- sorry if any of my family is reading this.) I really meant to say was, please don't rob me and please leave, which he did. Tawandas of the world, unite!

At 9:55 AM , Blogger bornfool said...

I have a melancholic temperament. Which I understand does not mean I have a stomach ache from eating to much canteloupe.
Actually, it was kind of eerie how accurate that little 5 question quiz was.

At 10:26 AM , Blogger Pete Mitchell said...

Yeah I think this test summed you up quite well. Except for the narcissistic thing. There's no way in hell I would have ever thought of you as narcissistic!! And the mind as a weapon thing? That's true; but you've never used it as such. It's kinda like the whole American/Russian nuclear armament Cold War thing: "Don't make me drop da bomb on you!!" Secretly, we all do live in fear of you Franny. LOL.

At 11:47 AM , Blogger Christopher said...

I am apparently a phlegmatic personality. I agree with some of what it says, but it says that at my worst, I am lazy and unwilling to work at anything. Hahaha. I can be honest, sometimes I am a bit lazy, and tend toward procrastination, but I have *NEVER* been completely unwilling to work toward my goals. It also left out what I am like at my best: Those times when I work meticulously and diligently and show huge amounts of productivity.
So all in all, 5 stars being the best internet quiz ever, I gotta give this one 2.75 stars. Hehehe.

At 3:09 PM , Blogger Abandoned in Pasadena said...

I took the test...It said I had a Choleric Temperament. I immediately thought, NO THERE CAN'T BE 3 OF US, so I took it again so our blogs wouldn't all be the same today.

This time it said I was a Phlegmatic...sounded like I was full of Phlem or something, but as I read on it said something about being abandoned...and I thought...that will go great with my Blog name.

At 7:59 PM , Blogger Kimberly said...

well knowing you as I do...I'd say that you're right, 90% of that is true...I think you're a brilliant and beautiful individual...have always thought so...and since you're one of the best friends that I've ever had, that whole friends garbage is so not true.

course I could be saying all of this to get on your good side...I've seen that mind of yours at work! ;)

At 4:34 AM , Blogger Alipurr said...

thanks for the sweet comments...these quizzes can be addicting, can't they? i love your funny stories.

At 10:41 AM , Anonymous Cataldo said...

The test came back saying that I was phlegmatic. That kind of pissed me off, and I was going to do it again, but I was kind of tired... and, well, you know... stuff happened....


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