Thursday, September 01, 2005

Human Nature

Okay, a few days ago, I received proof that the human race was not at all wicked and unkind and greedy and selfish. A good friend of mine threw me a lifeline when I was drowning, and it's not the floating that counted, just the fact that someone CARED enough to try. So naturally, I was happy. And then things got worse, so then I was sad. But I talked it over with some loved ones, so I was happy again. And then, I found out something I shouldn't have and KABOOM it was my own personal nervous breakdown again. So now I have faith in some that I thought were lost to me, and no faith in some that were my foundation. I am getting nowhere fast and my psyche can't take this minute-by-minute change in atmosphere! Is there such thing as yo-yo dieting for the soul? Happy...Sad...Happy....Miserable...Excited...Ecstatic...Devestated...there aren't enough smiley icons for what I go through in a day. Someone should write a book called "The Human Nature Handbook". Here are some suggestions, if someone wants to write it:
Chapter 1-Pain is Bad
Chapter 2-Pain is Not So Bad
Chapter 3-Trust No One
Chapter 4-Okay, Trust Everyone
Chapter 5-You CAN be Happy!
Chapter 6-Happiness is Just an Illusion
Chapter 7-Closing Doors, Opening Windows, and other meaningless analogies that don't really
help or apply to your life
Chapter 8-So, You've Finally Been Diagnosed!
Now that that is off my chest...I think I am overtired.


At 5:44 PM , Blogger Kimberly said...

my dearest Franny, I'm not even sure what to say except that I love you in that "spit sister" way...I'm here to help whenever you may need it...

Kim :)

At 11:58 PM , Blogger Franny said...

okay, i am commenting on my own blog here...i was VERY tired when i wrote this! please do not up my meds!

At 3:26 PM , Blogger Pete Mitchell said...

I've been through a lot of tough times since coming back to Canada and I hear ya!

You've always got a friend here.

(Maybe we should collaborate on the book. We can trade meds too.)


At 9:10 PM , Blogger Karen said...

As another "spit sister" you know that I'm always here for you, too.


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