Thursday, August 18, 2005

In honour of my wonderful friend Magdalena, I have conceded "Scribe" to her. I've changed my design because I am an awesome friend and because I am truly selfless and humble. Like really, they should make a statue of me downtown...oh, oh! On a HORSE, pointing off into the distance! With people falling upon their knees beneath my horse's hooves...people who look distraught and beg for my help-- and they are the people I don't like...and I'm wearing a hat, no! A BIG hat! NO, a crown, or one of those "cone" princess hats with the veil on top, and instead of pointing, I can be holding a sceptre! And in the other hand, a list of the saved and the damned, or maybe a rubber mallet to bonk people with! And my horse should have wings, yeah! Ok, not one horse, a carriage pulled by many winged horses! Or one of those litters that they used in Africa, and all my friends could be carrying me aloft, with my begging, pleading & deformed enemies beneath them, BEGGING to touch my platform or to gaze upon me for a brief glorious second!
Anyhow, to my beloved friend, I say: "you're welcome".


At 10:57 PM , Blogger Kimberly said...

OMG!!!! That is so DO need a statue...a litter like they used to carry in you can lounge in style....

Can I be a scribe who walks beside and jots down your every word for posterity?????

Kim :)

At 11:03 PM , Blogger Franny said...

Of course you can! I am also hiring for someone to take care of the royal lavage...

At 12:40 AM , Blogger Magdalena said...

Wow Franny!! I am touched beyond words! To think that you would sacrife such a beautiful page so that I might have it all to myself (well, me and all the other people we don't know who also have it)! This is too much! Such a gesture of true and undying friendship! They will write epic poems about your kindness!! And a fable or two about being humble, no doubt ;)

As for this person you will be hiring for lavage ... perhaps you should provide them with a detailed job description in order to ensure a job well done.

Allow me to help you out:
lav·age (lvj, lä-väzh) n.

A washing, especially of a hollow organ, such as the stomach or lower bowel, with repeated injections of water


Right then ... any volunteers?

At 10:13 PM , Blogger Karen said...

Can I volunteer to bonk people with the rubber mallet? Please? Pretty please? Pretty, pretty please?


At 11:53 AM , Blogger Franny said... Kim is the Royal Scribe, Magda will do the Royal DRESSAGE
(she selects the royal garments and hairstyles, and assists me with the laces on my elaborate gowns), and Karen is the Royal Bonker of Vengeance. Gotcha!


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