Sunday, August 14, 2005

Foggy Night

So my husband & I went on a date yesterday. Pretty exciting if you hear the part about the skinny-dipping, the conservation authority police and the cinnabuns. But anyhow, I have not been so relaxed and happy in a long time. It was really refreshing not to care about what I SHOULD be doing and what others think of me for once. I think my mind was spinning like a top, and for a few brief minutes last night, the half-moon was reflecting on the lake (the real moon), a night-time fog was rolling in, and everything was quiet and dark and peaceful. Is there anything more beautiful than when the fates cooperate to give you memories to last forever. It's funny how some of my best memories took place in foggy weather. There's something about the intimacy created by the fog that is pretty special, don't you think?


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